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12.2014 Online-Article on the famous "Golf Course Architecture"-Homepage about the GC Carezza.

09.2014 Re-design of Golf Club Carezza, Alto Adige, Italy - THE MOUNTAIN BEAST

07.2014 Re-styling of GC Colli Berici as first phase of re-design project

02.2014 MPS Golf Design has planned a ultra-compact Golf Academy ideal for for hotel facilities.

07.2013 MPS Golf Design and Greenmakers have developed and realized a system to transfer a tennis court into a patting area.

05.2012 Online article on "Golf People", "Golf Business Community" and "Golf Course Architecture" about the re-design of "Colli Berici"

04.2012 MPS-Golf Design re-designs 18 holes at Colli Berici near Vicenza

The GC Colli Berici laying on a beautiful hillside between Verona and Venice, the famous Italian art cities visited by many tourists, started a modernisation of its structures doing important investments with intent to increase international touristic development. This spring golf architect Wilfried (Willy) Moroder, an associate of the EIGCA - European Institute of Golf Course Architects, with his company MPS-Golf Design based in Bolzano, northern Italy, has been charged by president Alberto Ferrari with the redesign of the golf course.

02.2012 Online-Article on "Golf Business News" about Golf Course Castelfalfi in Tuscany, Italy

02.2012 Online-Article on the famous "Golf Course Architecture"-Homepage about the second course at Golf Resort Castelfalfi, Italy

08.2011 Publication: Advertising article by Engel & Völkers about the Toscana Resort Castelfalfi in the golfmagazine of Süddeutsche Zeitung quoting the prestigious german magazine "Golf Aktuell":
"The Golf Club Toscana Resort Castelfalfi in his restyled design is surely THE BEST NEW COURSE
IN ITALY and has the longterm potential of being in the Top 10 of the Country"

08.2011 Publication: Article over two pages about the Golf Club Castelfalfi
in the "Mondo del Golf 08/2011"

08.2011 Publication: Article about the Golf Club Castelfalfi
in the german "Golf Magazin 08/2011"

07.2011 Publication: Article about the "Golf Inc. Renovation of the year 2011-Award" for MPS-Golf Design and his architect WIlfried Moroder
in "Mondo del Golf July 2011 (italian)"

06.2011 Publication: Cover and article about "Golf Inc. Renovation of the year 2011-Award" for MPS-Golf Design and his architect WIlfried Moroder
in "Alto Adige 25.6.2011 and online (italian)"

06.2011 Publication: Article over three pages about the Golf Club Castelfalfi
on "Spiegel 23/ 6.6.2011"

05.2011 GOLF INC. AWARD 2011

MPS-Golf Design and his golf architect Dr. Wilfried Moroder were honoured with a worldwide award.

The "Golf Inc. Renovation of the year 2011-Award" accounting to the annual competition run by international Golf Inc. Magazine, has been assigned to the project for the Toscana Resort Castelfalfi in Italy which Moroder and his MPS co-designed together with german colleague Rainer Preissmann from DGH (both members of the EIGCA) for the german tour operator TUI.

The 3rd prize of this prestigious award was for the redesign of the 18 holes Mountain Course, in the top category of private courses with over 1 Mio $ investment.

The first 9 holes of the entirely new Lake Course will be opened to play in September 2011, while the last 9 holes to go for the designed 36 Holes Resort are under construction.

03.2011 Publication: Photo on the cover and article over three pages about the Golf Club Castelfalfi
on "GBD - Golf Business Development 03/2011"

10.2010 Publication: Article over two pages about the Golf Club Castelfalfi
in the "Golf Course Architecture 10/2010"

10.2010 Castelfalfi: The Lakes Course is growing in and will be ready to play next season.

10.2010 Publication: Article over two pages about the Golf Club Castelfalfi
in the "Mondo del Golf 10/2010"

08.2010 Castelfalfi: Opening of the first 18 holes Mountain Course

08.2010 Castelfalfi: The Mantainence Building, planned by MPS Engineering, is under construction



After 2008 und 2009 also in 2010 the prestigious Tornament was held at Golf Club Passiria-Merano, designed by "MPS-Golf Design".


24th.-28th.March 2010 - St.Andrews, Scotland)

The architects Wilfried Moroder as Associate Member of EIGCA and Klaus Moroder as delegate of MPS Golf Design participate at the conferences, workshops and golf rounds in the "Home of Golf". The American Associacion (ASGCA), the European Institute (EIGCA) and the Australian Society (SAGCA) of golf architects are invited. Participants are also technicians, greenkeepers, and the press.

The Managing Director of MPS Golf Design Wilfried Moroder speaks about golf planning and construction in mountain regions, especially the Alps. Mr. Moroder illustrates the techn. issues of watering in these regions. He describes the advantages and disadvantages of high altitude levels, temerature differences and the know-how based on the GC Passiria-Merano, which was constructed without pump stations and uses the water pressure naturally.

12.2009 TUSCANY GOLF RESORT: at Castelfalfi (FI) construction of the first 18 holes is almost finished. The fairways of the Mountain Course are already green, so the course will be opened for the summer season 2010. In the meantime we started shaping the first holes of the Lake Course. (see pictures)

11.2009 CTL3: Architect Wilfried Moroder has delivered the design concept for a leasure center in the Brianza for the Consortium of the three Communities Carnate, Bernareggio and Ronco Briantino. The masterplan includes a huge AquaFun-Parc, golf course (9 holes - 18 optional), horse riding center and a Country-Hotel with Residence

04.2009 Next to the clubhouse of the GC Passiria designed by MPS-Golf Design a beautiful 5* Golfhotel was shortly opened ANDREUS GOLF & SPA RESORT

02.2008 MPS cooperates with Deutsche Golf Holding on a Golf Resort in Castelfalfi - Toscana, Italy - 36 Holes-Course

09.2007 MPS designs the Golf Resort La Pironda in Piemont, Italy - 36 Holes-Course

10.2006 MPS works on the Golf Resort Campora in Toscana, Italy - 18 or 27 Holes-Course

05.2006 MPS works on a 18-hole-project in Sardegna, Italy

01.05.2006 The Managing Direktor of MPS Wilfried Moroder has been announced as new associate member of EIGCA - European Institute of Golf Course Architects at the Annual general Meeting in Mallorca at the end of april !!! <link>

01.04.2005 The official inauguration of the GC Passiria-Merano 18.06.2005

16.03.2005 The new designed HomePage is online!

25.12.2004 The MPS wishes MARRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

04.09.2004 Opening of the 18 hole course in Passiria-Merano designed by MPS

President of the GC Passiria Helmuth Schweizer, Honorary President Karl Pichler, Architect Wilfried Moroder

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